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Going by our motto “you are what you use”, our products have been meticulously sourced and carefully selected. All the products we carry are the safest and as natural as they come!

Nail Polishes & Gels

We provide below a list of the range we carry and sell, which are also available for testing at our spa. Visit our supporting supplier websites for more information about these excellent products.

(do not contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor – 5 free)

Hanami (Plant Based) (CF) (V) (10-Free)
Dazzle Dry (CF) (V) (10-Free)
Sundays Studio New York (CF) (V) (10-Free)
Zoya (V)
RGB (CF) (V)
Vinylux (CF) (V) (7-Free)
Kester Black (CF) (V) (10-Free)
Sheswai (E)
The Gel Bottle (CF) (V) (10-Free)
EVO2 Gel (CF) (V)
Jessica Gel (CF) (V)
Faby Gel (CF) (V)
Madam Glam (CF) (V)

(CF): Cruelty Free
(V): Vegan
(E): Environmentally friendly

Creams and Scrubs

Product Information